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Everything we know about the new tallest skyscraper in Manchester


Move over Beetham, there will soon be a new tallest building in Manchester.


The 64ft tower, which is part of a broader Owen Street development, got the green light from city planners last month.


And to celebrate, we have collated everything we know about the new tallest building.


It’ll be the biggest building outside London

This is something that not even the lofty Beetham tower can claim. The record is currently held by the Spinmaker Tower in Portsmouth, although we think it’s little more than a glorified viewing platform.


The Owen Street development, hugging the southern rim of the Mancunian Way, also includes several smaller towers housing more residences, serviced apartments and offices.


It was designed by the man who designed the Beetham Tower

Ian Simpson, the Manchester born architect who designed the Beetham Tower, is also the man bringing us this development.


Mr Simpson lives in the top floor of the Beetham Tower, and his flat is particularly swanky. Check it out. 



But other Beetham residents aren’t happy about it

Residents of the Beetham tower recently expressed anger at the plans for a new taller skyscraper in Manchester, which they have described as ‘greedy’.

They cited concerns about traffic and a lack of affordable housing.


The penthouses will be very special

Although some of the details are still sketchy, we have been told that the penthouse level of the new tower will contain four duplex flats with views across the city centre.

Ample room for a small forest if you want to follow Mr Simpson’s example.


It’s part of a wave of new developments in Manchester

The Owen Street development is just one of more than 30 new developments set to change Manchester’s skyline forever.


Nearby, Mr Simpson’s company has designed the River Street tower, while another two skyscrapers are set to go up near Deansgate Locks.


There will be a rooftop bar

Residents will have access to an impressive range of amenities. Including an indoor tennis court, swimming pool, spa, gym, salon, cinema and rooftop bar.


It could create a new school as well

In an attempt to get more young families putting roots down in the city, there are reports that the council is considering a new academy primary school on the southern fringe of the city.


The M.E.N. reports that this will serve Owen Street, the new First Street apartments developments and the development on the BBC site currently under construction.


Image courtesy of Simpson Haugh Architects 




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